Born Of Osiris - 'Soul Sphere' Sunburst Vinyl

Born Of Osiris - 'Soul Sphere' Sunburst Vinyl


This is the latest release from Born Of Osiris 'Soul Sphere' on vinyl! This has been printed in an exclusive 'Sunburst' double-disc LP variant, and packaged in a tri-fold jacket for an absolutely stunning appearance. Killer Merch will only carry 500 of these for purchase, and they will sell out quickly! Don't miss out on this incredible collectible, get yours today before they're gone for good!


***Due to the limited and exclusive availability of this item, only 5 units of this title and variant are available for purchase per customer. We make every effort to ensure all fans have an opportunity to enjoy the merchandise from their favorite artist, and thank you again for your support!


  1. The Other Half of Me
  2. Throw Me in the Jungle
  3. Free Fall
  4. Illuminate
  5. The Sleeping and the Dead
  6. Tidebinder
  7. Resilience
  8. Goddess of the Dawn
  9. The Louder the Sound, the More We All Believe
  10. Warlords
  11. River of Time
  12. The Composer

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