Weathers cycle through vibes at the speed of life. Text messages to cheaters, actual conversations about
mental health among friends, and a shared passion for eighties and nineties nostalgia (coming-of-age
comedies, in particular) turn into fodder for their undeniable and unforgettable alternative anthems
spiked with pop punk spirit. The acclaimed Los Angeles trio—Cameron Boyer [vocals, guitar], Cameron
Olsen [guitar] and Brennen Bates [bass]—infuse their third full-length offering, Are We Having Fun?
[Sumerian Records], with gleeful unpredictability.

“It’s meant to be unpredictable,” affirms Boyer. “Since there’s a cohesive sound, you’re essentially living
in the same universe, but you’re listening to a bunch of different stories. We dug into how relationships
and love can fuck with your head as much as anything else can. We welcomed the changes in our lives,
because it was time to evolve—which is also when you should do a new record.”

The band initially emerged back in 2015. A year later, they served up the breakthrough single “Happy
Pills,” amassing over 164 million Spotify streams and counting. They parlayed this momentum into Kids
in the Night [2018] and Pillows & Therapy [2021]. The latter boasted fan favorites such as “Rehab,”
“Losing Blood,” and “C’est la vie,” which reeled in over 27.9 million Spotify streams and counting.
Meanwhile, Billboard proclaimed, “Their message empowers through the acceptance of something we
all consider flaws at some point.” Of the album, Under The Radar noted, “The band married grungey alt
rock and synth-laden pop rock, embracing newly anthemic sounds as well as revisiting their ‘90s
influences,” while Beyond The Stage Magazine proclaimed, “Weathers’ Pills & Therapy is the best

Throughout 2022, they wrote and recorded what would become Are We Having Fun? with producer
Jason Suwito [Sir Sly, Imagine Dragons]. They absorbed the ebbs and flows of the Post-Pandemic season in their music as they sonically nodded to classic bands like My Chemical Romance and The Killers.

“We were kids in the two-thousands, so we love over-the-top emotional tunes with a heavier sound,”
Boyer goes on. “When we were making the record, we were feeling a bit of rage and sort of doomed. So
we asked ourselves, ‘Is this even fun anymore? Or, are we doing this because we’re stuck?’ Since the
music encompasses a lot of raw emotion, we decided to be very honest with the title.”

They initially teased the album with “Where Do I Sign?” Of the latter, The Honey Pop wrote, “Weathers
aren’t shy when it comes to putting an edgy lyrical spin on things, and that’s one of the things we love
about them.” On its heels, they share the single “ALL CAPS.” A snappy palm-muted riff sets the tone as
the beat builds towards a confessional and catchy chorus culled directly from an exchange via SMS,
“Asked me where I’m at, so I wrote back in ‘ALL CAPS’.”

Boyer continues, “It’s about going through a relationship with an unfaithful person. Then, you endure
this horrible betrayal, when you find out you’re being cheated on through an outside avenue. Your
significant other can’t even give you the respect to personally tell you!”

The opener “One of a Kind” pins a jarring, yet infectious refrain to a hummable groove as he croons, “I’ll
drive my car off a bridge, yeah I said it again.”

“It’s a very personal song,” admits the frontman. “It details those moments when you start to spiral, you
can’t stop, and you lose control. It touches on suicide, depression, being overwhelmed, and struggling
with your own self-worth. Everyone has experienced it in some capacity.”

A thick bass line twists and turns through a head-nodding rhythm on the danceable “She Hates Me.” He
adds, “It’s about trying to figure yourself out. Then, you accidentally fall in love with someone and focus
all of your energy into the relationship. Maybe you’re ready for it, or maybe you’re not.”

“Goodbye To My Friends” nods to the 2000’s with its glassy melody and sunny guitars. “It captures how
nostalgia feels,” Boyer continues. “Most of the time, nostalgia is a positive sensation followed up with,
‘Oh man, those were the good old days. I was the happiest then’. You’re saying goodbye to the best

Are We Having Fun? closes on “Little Castaway,” which beams out a bright final word. “It’s the palate
cleanser,” adds Boyer. “We were having fun, and Olsen made some references from The Great Gastsby.
Who doesn’t love the 20’s and flapper girls?”

In the end, there’s even more to love about Weathers.
“We want you to walk away feeling like you were heard, and it’s okay to not be okay,” Boyer leaves off.
“At the same time, we’re trying to get out of the darkness, because no one wants to be in the dark for
too long. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. When you’re on the floor crying, you’re not the only

“To us, Weathers is a lifestyle and a family,” Brennen concludes. “So, it’s important for the three of us to
express ourselves, stick together, and support each other as well as everybody out there who supports