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Darkest Hour - 'The Mark of the Judas' Trans Yellow Vinyl

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To help celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Darkest Hour - their debut album, 'The Mark Of The Judas' (originally released in the summer of 2000) has been re-mastered and re-issued!

This extremely limited run of 'The Mark Of The Judas' on a transparent yellow vinyl was a limited release and Killer Merch has less than 150 left!

Get your copy before they're gone forever!


***Due to the limited and exclusive availability of this item, only 5 units of this title and variant are available for purchase per customer. We make every effort to ensure all fans have an opportunity to enjoy the merchandise from their favorite artist, and thank you again for your support!


  1. For the Soul of the Savior
  2. A Blessing in Tragedy
  3. Legacy
  4. Part II
  5. Eclipse
  6. The Mark of the Judas
  7. Escape Artist
  8. Messiah Complex
  9. How the Beautiful Decay