Dead Posey




Danyell Souza - Vocals
Tony Fagenson - Guitarist / Multi-Instrumentalist

Like ghosts from rock ‘n’ roll lovers past, wedded duo Dead Posey’s aggressively provocative sound lingers between two worlds like Jekyll & Hyde, instantly hypnotizing you. Following up on their debut EP Freak Show, Danyell Souza (Vocalist/Producer) and Tony F. (Producer/Multi-instrumentalist - formerly of Eve 6) have concocted a world from the dark corners of their minds with their 2nd EP, Malfunction.
Dead Posey’s name has its roots in the plague nursery rhyme “Ring Around the Rosey”. Aestheticly inspired by left-of-center muses such as David Lynch, Salvador Dali, and Edgar Allan Poe, the realm that Dead Posey has created with their music is fitting considering Danyell is the granddaughter of a retiered LAPD Homicide detective who worked on some of the most notorious murder cases. The four track EP invites listeners into a nightmarish fever dream, fueled by Danyell’s wicked vocals, Tony’s unholy guitar and drum tones, and flashes of soul-sucking industrial production meticulously arranged by the two. Topped with lyrics that will haunt and seduce you into the pair’s twisted minds, what better way to visually symbolize Malfunction then with the cover art they photographed, last minute while in quarantine at home along with the rest of the world. Tony says, “We had another cover completely finished, but in the 11th hour while tweaking the final mixes of the songs Danyell got inspired again by the music and went away for a couple hours and put together this new cover which I loved right away. Sometimes art and inspiration happen at the oddest times.” Danyell explains, ”It’s a nod toward not only my own inner “malfunctions” but those of larger society as well, things like religion & war which go hand in hand and ultimately keep us divided as a human race. We are like the rat, having both force fed to us.”
While the world is upside down and all touring is on hold, Danyell and Tony are staying creative by hiding out in their home studio, writing and recording their anticipated first full-length album. If Malfunction is a glimpse into what’s to come, then it’s safe to say that Dead Posey have found themselves on a prolific creative road that is bringing us all deeper into the intense vortex of the duo’s mind meld.

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