The Faceless band promo photoThe Faceless band promo photo
The Faceless

Sumerian Records Creator Ash Avildsen states: "Of every signing in the history of Sumerian Records, I feel the re-signing of The Faceless is the most symbolic and monumental of all. Back in 2006 when I stopped touring, I was living in a one bedroom Venice Beach apartment as an aspiring but struggling DIY booking agent trying to pay the bills. With a dream of having a record label built upon the spirit of family and perseverance and comprised of a heavy, cutting edge roster, I set out to find the perfect first band. I could not have chosen a better group than The Faceless to begin the story of Sumerian Records. With no office or staff, just sheer determination and a vision, we shook hands and decided let's show the business what the little guys can do together with all the odds against us.
In 2017, The Faceless continues to break the mold with their new singles "Black Star" and "The Spiraling Void." Performing these tracks throughout The Summer Slaughter Tour, The Faceless has made it clear there is definitely more to come.