Through Fire




Justin McCain - Guitar
Grant Kendrick - Vocals
Patrick Mussack - Drums
Jesse Saint - Bass

Hard rock should exist outside of the system. It should break the mold. It should burn through expectations. Through Fire most certainly does. The Omaha, NE quartet—Justin McCain [lead guitar, songwriter], Grant Joshua Kendrick [lead vocals], Kyle LeBlanc [bass], and Grant Brooks [drums]—fuses hard-hitting riffs, electronic provocations, and contagious melodies. As a result, this impactful, immediate, and infectious fusion defies categorization and incites energy as boundless as the style itself. Additionally, the approach transformed the quartet into a phenomenon with chart-topping radio successes and over 20 million Spotify streams and 48 million YouTube views in under two years.
Now, the same fire fuels the band’s 2019 second full-length for Sumerian Records. “There are no limitations to what we do”, says Justin. “From a songwriting standpoint, I wrote this album with no boundaries. I wanted great, timeless songs. I wasn't going to settle for anything less.” “We put everything into this album, and we can't wait for the world to hear it.”



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