Garzi is an Alternative Rock artist who stands at the intersection’s of Alt/Indie, Post Emo, Nu Metal, Grunge, and Rap. His authentic gritty, angsty, yet soothing melodic voice soars over his array of stylistic choices.
The Miami native was a self-described lover of Warped Tour and gravitated towards hard rock, punk and emo sounds like Memphis May Fire and Sleeping With Sirens. “It was a fitting soundtrack to feelings of isolation, of being an outsider during those teenage years especially as a POC punk”.

In October 2017, he uploaded his first song, “BurnMeInDesigner” featuring ‘Til Death (with producer AGODD) and quit his day job the next day to pursue music full time. A slew of releases followed, culminating in his breakout, “Demonstrate” (with producers Nick Mira and Taz Talor), which had popped off on SoundCloud and now has over 13 million streams on Spotify.

Garzi has collaborated with veteran producer John Feldmann (Goldfinger, Good Charlotte, Panic! At the Disco), and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, with the release of his song “Sick of Me”. In 2021, he signed with producer and manager Sean “SAKAI” Chapman and the Sakai Group which led to his indie label signing with Jason Aaron Butler (let live., Fever333 Wrecks Krew in partnership with Outlast Records releasing “MESS” (with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens). “HELLO//GOODBYE” (produced by John Feldmann and Travis Barker) and “PARANOIA” (remix) with Fever333 and Point North are all existing on his current tape “Careful What You Wish For”.

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