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Motive predicates action. It drives us to grow, change, and create as a species. It also unites us around a common goal. For the members of IN MOTIVE—Dave Escamilla (vocals), Lee McKinney (guitar), Nick Rossi (guitar) and Conor White (drums) —music remains the ultimate motivation. Quietly coming to life in secret over the course of 2016, Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney and bassist/guitarist, Nick Rossi rallied around a singular sonic vision…“Motive is to have a purpose. It’s what you want in life. At the same time, it’s a double entendre, because a motive is also a melodic idea that makes you feel something. For us, it all means looking forward.” says Nick Rossi.
After releasing two singles, the band was rejuvenated once again with the addition of former Crown the Empire vocalist, Dave Escamilla, releasing the single “Subtle Mistakes” in late 2019. “This band is our motive,” agrees Conor. “It’s everything we’ve pushed for.” “I just want to give people something real,” Nick leaves off. “This is who we are. It’s our motive. It’s our life.”

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